Aug 232011

The International Studio Orchestra in various moods.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The International Studio Orchestra

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3121

Format: LP

Recording First Published: 1969

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Trade Mission (Keith Papworth) (Industrial march) 03:00

Transmission Line (Keith Papworth) (Bright, progressive title) 02:39

In High Places (Keith Papworth) (Powerful brood march) 02:46

Moving Force (Keith Papworth) (Big rhythmic piece) 03:29

Sense Of Urgency (Keith Papworth) (Big progressive – medium quick tempo) 02:55

Wagons West (Keith Papworth) (Big Western or industrial – rhythmic) 04:16

Side 2

Away From It All (Keith Papworth) (Light, modern movement) 01:36

Cut Crystal (Keith Papworth) (Melodic, lightly scored) 02:25

Soft And Gentle (Keith Papworth) (Simple, romantic, melodic) 02:24

Trend Setter (Keith Papworth) (Melodic with movement) 02:21

Voyageur (Keith Papworth) (Expansive, outdoor) 04:07

Buckboard (Keith Papworth) (Light, melodic, incidental) 03:19

Mod Deal (Keith Papworth) (Modern industrial) 01:55

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