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Orchestral impressions of nature, countryside and open spaces.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: International Studio Orchestra

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3188

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

The Big Country (Keith Papworth) (Impressive title – panoramic) 02:41

Country Wide (Anthony Mawer) (Open spaces, mountains, etc.) 02:39

Kidlington Green (Ivor Slaney) (Jaunty, rustic) 01:03

Morris Dance (Ivor Slaney) (Simple, traditional) 00:50

Dresden Blue (Ivor Slaney) (Bright, cheerful, melodic) 02:12

Summer Mood (Hugo de Groot) (Romantic, flowing) 03:45

Fantasia On Greensleeves (J. Bath) (Peaceful orchestral arrangement) 03:05

Early One Morning (J. Bath) (English pastoral mood) 02:28

Early Morning Scene (Derek Laren) (Light incidental mood – tranquil) 02:45

Side 2

Pastorale Flute (Jack Trombey) (Serenely melodic – flute & harp introduction) 02:17

Tales Of Nature (Introduction) (Derek Laren) (General countryside activity) 01:39

Tales Of Nature (Finale) (Derek Laren) (Broad, sweeping) 01:57

Early Dusk (Ivor Slaney) (Quiet, descriptive – skittish woodwind) 02:10

Play Of Clouds (Hugo de Groot) (Lightly mysterious) 02:14

Mount Everest Part I (Hugo de Groot) (Awed anticipation) 01:47

Mount Everest Part II (Hugo de Groot) (Dignified, majestic) 01:40

Cosmos (Paul Lewis) (Ethereal flute and strings) 03:20

Dawn (Julius Steffaro) (Gentle, contemplative) 02:26

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