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Orchestral impressions of the Sea.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3189

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Edge Of The World (Pierre Arvay) (Broad title music) 03:16

Plain Sailing (Anthony Mawer) (Peaceful, melodic) 03:00

Atlantica (Ivor Slaney) (Proud, flowing) 01:39

Primum Mobile (Awakening) (Pierre Arvay) (Uncertain, probing) 03:42

The Mountain And The Sea (Jack Trombey) (Expansive melodic title) 02:45

After The Storm (Hugo de Groot) (Serene, relaxed) 02:28

Ripcord (Julius Steffaro) (Large-scale seascape) 02:44

Busy Quayside (Keith Papworth) (Lively concertina and piccolo feature) 01:54

Ocean (Eric Towren) (Broad, flowing) 03:13

Side 2

In The Channel (Hugo de Groot) (Turbulent, surging) 03:04

Still Moorings (Keith Papworth) (Peaceful concertina feature) 02:16

Algues Rouges (Red Sea-Weed) (Pierre Arvay) (Whimsical, mysterious) 03:10

Seascape No. 1 (K. Lomax) (Boisterous, rhythmic) 00:59

Seascape No. 2 (K. Lomax) (Second version of above) 01:16

Seascape No. 3 (K. Lomax) (Broad, panoramic) 01:29

Bound For Adventure (Anthony Mawer) (Bold steady motion) 02:55

The Open Sea (Keith Papworth) (Concertina and orchestra – arrangement of famous shanty ) 03:10

Death’s Glacier (M. Swinton) (Cold, sombre, forbidding) 02:14

Proud Canvas (Keith Essex) (Broad title music) 03:15

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