Oct 072011

Jazz quartet featuring piano and vibes.

Label: Hudson

Cat. Number: HMC/LP 503

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Sit Back cover art.

Side 1

Advocat (Peter Reno) 02:16

Fine Art (Reg Wale) 02:35

Deep Grey (Peter Reno) 03:55

Talk (Peter Reno) 02:00

Work Of Art (J. Lindsay) 02:39

Sit Back (Reg Wale) 03:23

Blue Ink (Peter Reno) 02:19

Side 2

Crystal Ball (Reg Wale) 02:49

Scale (Peter Reno) 02:21

And It’s Morning (Peter Reno) 04:09

Just Quick (Reg Wale) 02:35

Chippendale (Peter Reno) 02:17

Vermouth (Reg Wale) 01:48

Night Cap (Peter Reno) 02:34

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