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Modern group sounds, featuring female vocals covering a variety of moods.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3205

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Pretty Folk (Paul Kass) (Lightly rhythmic, melodic) 02:07

Peanuts (Paul Kass) (Cheeky, active) 01:07

Pink Sauce (Paul Kass) (Rhythmic, cool) 02:00

Picture County (Paul Kass) (Light, airy, 3/4) 03:08

Nell Gwynne (Paul Kass) (Delicate, classical overtones) 02:05

Passing Cloud (Paul Kass) (Languorous, warm, featuring cello) 02:21

Honey Bunny (Paul Kass) (Perky, shoulder-shrugger) 01:27

Soft Cell Version 1 (Paul Kass) 00:52

Soft Cell Version 2 (Paul Kass) 00:35

Parties Over (Paul Kass) (Late-night atmosphere) 01:28

Side 2

Offwhite (Paul Kass) (Easy-going, neutral) 01:17

Up And Away (Paul Kass) (Light, fast, active-outdoors, etc.) 01:45

Picture Gallery (Paul Kass) (Dignified, refined) 02:02

Breakneck (Paul Kass) (Fast, aggressive) 02:21

Sweet Destruction (Paul Kass) (Pounding, exuberant, ‘all happening’) 05:03

Nowhere Fast (Paul Kass) (Happy, pacy, repetitive, neutral) 01:11

Candle Glow (Paul Kass) (Sentimental, melodic piano feature) 01:15

Day Off (Paul Kass) (Relaxed, rhythmic) 02:44

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