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Music for wars, aggression, etc.

Label: De Wolfe

Orchestra/Group: The Studio Group

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3191

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side 1

Military Attache (Jack Trombey) (Bold, important mover) 02:29

Stalking (Jack Trombey) (Sinister, subdued, rhythmic) 01:16

Stalking Version 2 (Jack Trombey) (Sinister, subdued, rhythmic) 01:14

Breakthrough (Jack Trombey) (Vigorous, triumphant) 02:26

Patrol (Jack Trombey) (Dark, forbidding – tension) 02:01

Suppression (Jack Trombey) (Heavy, aggressive) 00:56 (Shaw Brothers cue – Two Champions Of Shaolin)

Suppression Tag (Jack Trombey) (Heavy, aggressive, with build) 00:15

Bridgehead (Jack Trombey) (Relentless forward movement) 02:20

Hot Spot (Jack Trombey) (Action, danger, etc.) 01:45

Hot Spot Link No. 1 (Jack Trombey) (Quiet, tense) 00:06

Hot Spot Link No. 2 (Jack Trombey) (Neutral) 00:07

Hot Spot Link No. 3 (Jack Trombey) (Neutral) 00:08

Hot Spot Link No. 4 (Jack Trombey) (Powerful)

Hot Spot Link No. 5 (Jack Trombey) (Powerful) 00:08

Hot Spot Link No. 6 (Jack Trombey) (Powerful builder) 00:17

Hot Spot Link No. 7 (Jack Trombey) (Powerful, aggressive) 00:14

Guerilla (Jack Trombey) (Tense, uncertain, mystery) 01:59

Attack (Jack Trombey) (Fiercely rhythmic) 00:44

Side 2

Correspondent (Jack Trombey) (Pounding staccato movement) 01:17

Aggression Link (Jack Trombey) (Heavy, belligerent) 00:15

Breaking Point (Jack Trombey) (Brash, triumphant) 00:08

Military Matters (Jack Trombey) (Bright, imposing) 01:52

Military Campaign (Jack Trombey) (Exuberant, ceremonial atmosphere) 02:06

Conquest Link (Jack Trombey) (Heavy, aggressive) 00:10

Counterkill (Jack Trombey) (Bizarre, horrific) 00:19 (Shaw Brothers cue – The Kung Fu Instructor)

Advance Party (Jack Trombey) (Steady, rhythmic motion) 02:18

Sentry (Jack Trombey) (Weird, nocturnal) 00:43 (Shaw Brothers cue – Masked Avengers)

Manoeuvres (Jack Trombey) (Big, active) 01:58 (Shaw Brothers cue – The Bastard Swordsman Theme)

Revolt 1 (Jack Trombey) (Powerful, dynamic) 01:53

Revolt 2 (Jack Trombey) (Powerful, dynamic) 02:26

Revolt Link No. 1 (Jack Trombey) (Strong, movement) 00:22

Revolt Link No. 2 (Jack Trombey) (Quiet, tense) 00:20

Revolt Link No. 3 (Jack Trombey) (Turbulent, dramatic) 00:17

Revolt Link No. 4 (Jack Trombey) (Peaceful) 00:18

Revolt Link No. 5 (Jack Trombey) (Orchestral sting) 00:06

Revolt Link No. 6 (Jack Trombey) (Mysterious) 00:19

Revolt Link No. 7 (Jack Trombey) (Dramatic, danger) 00:17

Revolt Link No. 8 (Jack Trombey) (Restful harp & strings) 00:25

Revolt Link No. 9 (Jack Trombey) (Big, epic) 00:22

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