Jun 132012

Light cheerful sounds played by small group for outdoor settings.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3259

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Here And There cover art

Side One

Two Left Feet (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Cheerful, carefree) 02:38

Anastasia (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Romantic, broad) 02:12

High Time (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Active, rhythmic) 02:35

Wayward Bird (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Melodic, medium tempo) 02:53

Oyster Stew (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Rhythmic, brassy) 02:48

Sketch (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Plaintive, relaxed) 01:59

Lucky (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Perky “Tijuana” style) 02:15

Sun Ride (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Warm, active) 03:13

Side Two

Here And There (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Pacy, light-hearted) 02:14

Sounds Latin (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Easy-going, warm) 02:34

Wash Day (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Bright, simple 6/8) 02:12

Beachside (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Carefree, relaxation) 02:32

Heat Spot (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Mid-tempo “Tijuana” style) 02:25

Louise (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Gently rhythmic, romantic) 02:33

Crossroad (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Brassy, steady movement) 02:45

Trek (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Similar to above) 02:15

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Jun 132012

Modern, active group and orchestral mood for titles, action etc.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3258

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Great Day cover art

Side One

Little Big John (Simon Haseley) (Beaty, cheerful, light) 02:13

Summer Friend (Peter Reno) (Modern, romantic orchestral) 04:10

Hammerhead (Simon Haseley) (Driving, heavy, medium tempo, double-tempo ending) 04:33

Crimson (Peter Reno) (Melodic, plaintive, moody) 02:44

Great Day (Simon Haseley) (Rhythmic medium-slow; big building end) 03:54

Hard Crust (Peter Reno) (Pounding, aggressive) 02:34

Side Two

Highball (Peter Reno) (Steady, furtive movement) 02:59

Bora (Simon Haseley) (Fast, driving 6/8 organ feature) 03:12

Hold Back (Peter Reno) (Powerful, semi-dramatic, medium-slow) 04:44

Silver Thrust (Peter Reno) (Fast, purposeful, persistent) 03:56

Convoy (Peter Reno) (Active, dynamic movement) 04:00

Barracuda (Peter Reno) (Mid-tempo, ‘rock’ feel) 03:05

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Jun 132012

Light, rhythmic jazz styles featuring piano, harpsichord and vibes.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3257

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side One

Moving Day (Reg Wale) (Light, pleasant) 02:21

Confusic (Peter Reno) (Medium-slow, moody) 02:40

The Gink (Reg Wale) (Cheeky, melodic) 04:38

Just My Bag (Peter Reno) (Rhythmic, medium quick) 02:10

Man At The Minister (Reg Wale) (Slow, melodic cannon) 02:25

Sinfony (Peter Reno) (Medium tempo, relaxed) 02:40

Side Two

Bachner (Peter Reno) (Brisk, pleasant) 02:10

Casting Couch (Reg Wale) (Slow, romantic) 04:48

Royal Doulton (Peter Reno) (Slow intro. to mid-tempo, harpsichord feature) 03:05

Hi Hazel (Peter Reno) (Slow, languid) 03:14

General Duffy (Peter Reno) (Bright, cheery) 02:35

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Jun 132012

Authentic National music from Vietnam, Tibet, Pakistan and India.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3256

Format: LP

Recording First Published: Not Known

Sound: Mono

Side One


Buddhist Burial (W. Po) (Bells, percussion & reed instruments) 01:00

Prayers To Bodhisattva (W. Po) (Children chanting, with percussion; fairly slow) 02:58

Sword Dance (W. Po) (Percussion and voices) 03:37

Sword Dance Vers. 2 (W. Po) (Similar to above) 02:26

Girl Soldiers Song 1 (W. Po) (Stirring girls’ voices) 00:39

Girl Soldiers Song 2 (W. Po) (Similar to above) 01:03

Lantern Song (W. Po) (Children’s voices and percussion) 04:53


Buddhist Prayer (J. Pudi) (Men’s voices, chanting) 01:14

Children’s Song (J. Pudi) (Children’s voices and instrumental accompaniment) 02:56

 Side Two


Polo Orchestra (L. Kandari) (Reed instruments and percussion) 01:11

Music Of Kashmir No. 1 (L. Kandari) (Flutes, string instruments & percussion; fluctuating tempi) 02:56

Music Of Kashmir No. 2 (L. Kandari) (Similar to above) 02:33

Music Of Kashmir No. 3 (L. Kandari) (Similar to above) 02:02

Pakistani Flute (L. Kandari) (Solo flute; mysterious) 02:47

Pakistani Atmosphere (L. Kandari) (Reed instruments and percussion) 03:03


Indian Ballet Music (H. Assam) (Voices, whistling, sitars and percussion) 01:43

Indian Atmosphere (H. Assam) (Bustling reed and percussion, instruments) 00:43

Hindu Misc.

Hindu Dance No. 1 (B. Singh) (Rhythmic percussion and crowd atmosphere) 01:03

Hindu Dance No. 2 (B. Singh) (Rhythmic percussion, voices and flute) 01:09

Hindu Dance No. 3 (B. Singh) (Rhythmic percussion, flutes etc.) 01:51

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Jun 132012

Up-to-date big band and orchestral sounds.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3255

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Tilsley Orchestral No. 10 cover art

Side One

Hold The Road (Reg Tilsley) (Bold optimistic movement) 02:28

Blue Eyes (Reg Tilsley) (Pert, carefree) 02:29

Warlock (Reg Tilsley) (Furtive, building to pounding aggressive) 03:14

Just Carol (Reg Tilsley) (Lilting, romantic) 02:21

Grand Slam (Reg Tilsley) (Energetic, brash) 02:18

Come Next Sunday (Reg Tilsley) (Sparkling, bright, up-tempo) 02:04

Stax (Reg Tilsley) (Incisive, driving) 02:18

Side Two

Pan Ram (Reg Tilsley) (Big, outdoor movement, activity) 02:33

Sue (Reg Tilsley) (Gentle, wistful) 03:09

Strike Rich (Reg Tilsley) (Carefree, bustling) 02:50

Theme For Marilyn (Reg Tilsley) (Melodic, contemplative) 02:01

Rosebud Joe Version 1 (Reg Tilsley) (Jaunty, out-and-about atmosphere) 02:33

Rosebud Joe Version 2 (Reg Tilsley) (Slower version of above) 03:22

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Jun 132012

Fresh modern sounds featuring guitars.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3254

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Meatball Jack cover art

Side One

Meatball Jack (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Bustling, earthy) 02:49

October Forest (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Restless, flowing, melodic) 02:42

Mirella (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Lilting, continental flavour) 02:19

Pinnacle (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Anxious, tense, driving) 03:01

Stop Press (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Brisk, rugged) 01:41

Cool Of The Wood (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Easy going, lyrical, mid-tempo) 02:23

Centre Point (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Active, modern movement) 02:37

The Man Downstairs (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Bright melodic novelty) 02:56

Side Two

Wild Catch (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Moody, solid, deliberate) 02:06

Picasso (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Refined, melodic) 02:37

Flash (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Vibrant, forward-moving) 02:48

Middle Man (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Rhythmic, colourful, continental flavour) 02:25

Zorba Takes A Holiday (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Bright Greek atmosphere) 02:23

Red Velvet (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Relaxed, romantic) 02:38

Hob Nail Boot (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Active, restrained minor mood) 02:34

Strange Set Up (Peter Reno / Barry Stoller) (Ponderous “swing” feel) 02:56

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Jun 132012

Modern, small-orchestral neutral background tracks for use as underlay.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3253

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side One

Stringbed No. 1 (Jack Trombey) (Mid-tempo, general usage) 03:43

Stringbed No. 2 (Jack Trombey) (Flowing 6/8) 02:29

Stringbed No. 3 (Jack Trombey) (Unhurried, lyrical) 03:10

Stringbed No. 4 (Jack Trombey) (Light, outdoor atmosphere) 03:19

Stringbed No. 5 (Jack Trombey) (Brisk, light activity) 03:10

Stringbed No. 6 (Jack Trombey) (Mid-tempo; general usage) 03:07

Stringbed No. 7 (Jack Trombey) (Imposing; martial air) 03:43

Side Two

Stringbed No. 8 (Keith Papworth) (Mid-tempo, general usage) 04:25

Stringbed No. 9 (Keith Papworth) (As above) 03:32

Stringbed No. 10 (Keith Papworth) (Light, carefree) 03:32

Stringbed No. 11 (Keith Papworth) (Persistent 6/8) 02:58

Stringbed No. 12 (Keith Papworth) (Pronounced rhythm, industrial) 02:39

Stringbed No. 13 (Keith Papworth) (Gentle, relaxed) 02:51

Stringbed No. 14 (Keith Papworth) (Active, general usage) 02:44

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Jun 132012

Colourful percussion background tracks with an exotic and ethnic flavour.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3252

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Native Rhythms cover art

Side One

Native Rhythm No. 1 (Peter Reno) (Tom-toms; repetitive rhythm) 01:30

Native Rhythm No. 2 (Peter Reno) (Tom-toms; freer rhythms) 02:09

Native Rhythm No. 3 (Peter Reno) (Similar to No. 2; faster) 02:24

Native Rhythm No. 4 (Peter Reno) (Similar to No. 2) 02:21

Native Rhythm No. 5 (Peter Reno) (Similar to No. 2) 02:34

Native Rhythm No. 6 (Peter Reno) (Similar to No. 1) 01:31

Native Rhythm No. 7 (Peter Reno) (Tom-toms; freer rhythms, lower pitch) 02:15

Native Rhythm No. 8 (Peter Reno) (High & low pitch; gradual acceleration) 02:07

Native Rhythm No. 9 (Peter Reno) (Four drums; free rhythms; fast) 01:22

Native Rhythm No. 10 (Peter Reno) (Kit solo, fast) 02:57

Side Two

Native Rhythm No. 11 (Peter Reno) (Tom-toms & hi-hat; repetitive rhythm) 02:37

Native Rhythm No. 12 (Peter Reno) (Mixed percussion F/X; repetitive, rhythm) 02:07

Native Rhythm No. 13 (Peter Reno) (Tom-toms & kit; repetitive rhythm) 03:14

Native Rhythm No. 14 (Peter Reno) (Bells & varied percussion; free rhythms) 02:22

Native Rhythm No. 15 (Peter Reno) (Full range of percussion; free rhythms) 08:27

Native Rhythm No. 16 (Peter Reno) (As above, edit end) 00:19

Native Rhythm No. 17 (Peter Reno) (Solo gong; slow single strokes) 00:40

Native Rhythm No. 18 (Peter Reno) (As No. 17; slower) 00:42

Native Rhythm No. 19 (Peter Reno) (As No. 17; faster) 00:49

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Jun 132012

Contemporary folk songs with guitar accompaniment.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3251

Recording First Published: 1972

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Seventh Child cover art

Side One

Vocal Versions

My Sweet Jesus (Major Wiley) (Vigorous, fervent) 02:34

Seventh Child (Major Wiley) (Slow narrative song) 02:16

American Tourist (Major Wiley) (Boisterous, ‘tongue-in-cheek’) 02:12

Black Haired Susan (Major Wiley) (Tender, reflective) 03:07

Me And My Brother Frank (Major Wiley) (Unusual, humorous) 02:05

Now (Major Wiley) (Mid-tempo, intense vocal) 02:23

If It’s Gonna Rain (Major Wiley) (Mid-tempo, melodic) 02:41

Side Two

Instrumental Versions

My Sweet Jesus (Major Wiley) (Vigorous, fervent) 03:08

Seventh Child (Major Wiley) (Slow, pensive) 02:14

American Tourist (Major Wiley) (Boisterous, rhythmic) 01:36

Black Haired Susan (Major Wiley) (Tender, reflective) 02:15

Me And My Brother Frank (Major Wiley) (Unusual, humorous) 01:48

It’s Been A Long Time (Major Wiley) (Lazy, restrained) 02:28

If It’s Gonna Rain (Major Wiley) (Mid-tempo, neutral) 02:29

Now (Major Wiley) (Mid-tempo, neutral) 01:22

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Jun 132012

A wide variety of moods and styles for harmonica, both solo and with guitar accompaniment.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3250

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Side One

No. 1 Romance For Harmonica And Guitar (Jack Trombey) 01:40

No. 2 Lively Harmonicas (Jack Trombey) 01:17

No. 3 Western Harmonica And Guitar (Jack Trombey) 01:20

No. 4 do. – Slower Version (Jack Trombey) 01:40

No. 5 Gipsy Life (J. Heykens) 02:08

No. 6 Wah Wah Harmonicas (Jack Trombey) 00:56

No. 7 Wistful Melody (Jack Trombey) 01:40

No. 8 Peter Piper (Anthony Mawer) 01:22

No. 9 Pleasant Harmonica And Guitar (Jack Trombey) 01:20

No. 10 Lonely Harmonica And Guitar (Jack Trombey) 01:21

No. 11 Humorous Harmonica And Guitar (Jack Trombey) 01:29

No. 12 Thoughtful Harmonica And Guitar (Jack Trombey) 01:38

No. 13 Happy Harmonicas (Jack Trombey) 01:17

No. 14 Romantic Harmonica Duo (Jack Trombey) 01:15

No. 15 Harmonica Home (Jack Trombey) 01:03

No. 16 Nostalgic Harmonicas (Jack Trombey) 01:27

No. 17 Dancing Harmonica (Jack Trombey) 01:42

Side Two

No. 18 Sad Harmonica And Guitar (Johnny Hawksworth) 01:56

No. 19 do. – Link (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:15

No. 20 Be Happy (Julius Steffaro) 01:58

No. 21 Nostalgic Harmonica And Guitar (Johnny Hawksworth) 01:07

No. 22 Harmonica Shanty (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:33

No. 23 Harmonica No. 2 (Ivor Slaney) 01:45

No. 24 Pensive Harmonica And Guitar (Johnny Hawksworth) 02:32

No. 25 Cheerful Harmonica And Guitar (Johnny Hawksworth) 01:16

No. 26 Harmonica Impromptu (Graham Whettam) 02:19

No. 27 Jaunty Harmonica And Guitar (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:37

No. 28 Sad Harmonica (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:37

No. 29 Lonesome Harmonica (Johnny Hawksworth) 00:49

No. 30 Jolly Harmonica (Jack Trombey) 01:01

No. 31 Blue Harmonica (Jack Trombey) 01:13

No. 32 Ship Shape Harmonica (Jack Trombey) 01:43

No. 33 Moody Harmonica (Jack Trombey) 01:18

No. 34 Snappy Harmonica (Jack Trombey) 01:15

No. 35 Harmonica Link A (Jack Trombey) 00:04

Harmonica Link B (Jack Trombey) 00:07

Harmonica Link C (Jack Trombey) 00:06

Harmonica Link D (Jack Trombey) 00:09

Harmonica Link E (Jack Trombey) 00:08

Harmonica Link F (Jack Trombey) 00:07

Harmonica Link G (Jack Trombey) 00:07

Harmonica Link H (Jack Trombey) 00:05

Harmonica Link I (Jack Trombey) 00:08

Harmonica Link J (Jack Trombey) 00:06

Harmonica Link K (Jack Trombey) 00:04

Harmonica Link L (Jack Trombey) 00:04

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