Oct 032013

Well it has been a while since my last update…….I hope to start posting regularly again and complete the De Wolfe discography as a priority.

I took a trip to the excellent The London Record Fair today at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, London:

London Record Fair Flyer

It’s a new fair that looks really promising and boasts some seriously impressive dealers from across Europe.

It runs through until Sunday 6th October, so make a point of going along and supporting Dave Smith and the team.

Let’s hope it proves a real success and it returns again next year.

I’m heading back there tomorrow as Victor Kiswell Records will be there with untold delights, just check out their website !

In the meantime I had a nice find there today – I picked up one of the De Wolfe’s on my long(ish) Wants list….Strange Location…..you know the one I mean…..


Strange Location cover art


Strange Location back cover


….yes the one with the cues from the unreleased soundtracks to Witchfinder General and Curse Of The Crimson Altar.

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Jul 082012

The KPM All Stars returned to London last night for another one off gig playing some of the great tunes which we all know and love, including Funky Fanfare, Girl In A Sportscar, Heavy Action, World Series, Light & Tuneful, Swamp Fever, Funky Express and the Grandstand theme along with many more.

As you can see below, we had Alan Hawkshaw on Hammond, Brian Bennett (head obscured behind lead guitar) and from left to right centre stage is John Cameron, Duncan Lamont, Keith Mansfield and James Clarke.

As you would expect the band were tight and the horn section was something else. I must also mention Ralph Salmins (http://www.ralphsalmins.com/Full_Biography.html) on Drums who was superb!

Hopefully they will return soon as they got another fantastic reception from a very appreciative audience.

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Jun 172012

Hi All,

I’ve updated the cover art for the following De Wolfe 10″ LP releases from my collection:


For The Young


Inter City

Living Power

Mood Meditteranean

Music For A Historical Era

One Arm Bandit



Progressive Sound

Quintet Of Modern Jazz

Swinging City

The First Dozen Years

The Silent Film Era

Young World


Take it easy…..


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Jun 172012

Light, easy going small group moods with an emphasis on rhythm and melody.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3264

Recording First Published: 1973

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Stroll On cover art

Side One

Greenbacks (Simon Haseley) (Earthy, pounding, mid-tempo) 02:06

Lazy Day (Simon Haseley) (Fluid, relaxed) 04:05

Scobie (Gordon Grant) (Pacy, bright activity) 02:32

Orange Tree (Pete Moore) (Reflective, melodic) 02:10

Friends (Simon Haseley) (Warm, gently rhythmic) 02:35

Pattercake (Pete Moore) (Perky, boisterous) 01:59

Mayflower (Simon Haseley) (Restful, flowing) 03:51

Conifer (Pete Moore) (Easy-going, Bossa-feel) 03:28

Side Two

Stroll On (Simon Haseley) (Cheery, loping rhythm) 03:01

Mirage (Gordon Grant) (Gentle, melodic) 02:14

Budgie (Simon Haseley) (Jaunty, light movement) 01:53

Amelia (Pete Moore) (Romantic, intimate) 02:24

Jago (Simon Haseley) (Heavy, sultry, mid-tempo) 02:26

Petals (Simon Haseley) (Slow, melodic) 03:33

Software (Pete Moore) (Light, easy-going) 02:30

The Cat (Pete Moore) (Slinky, swing-rhythm) 02:52

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Jun 172012

Small orchestral moods for a variety of industrial settings.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3263

Recording First Published: 1973

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Output cover art

Side One

Output (John Reids) (Punchy, aggressive) 01:48

Waits And Measures (John Reids) (Pensive, flowing undercurrent) 02:35

Joint Measure (John Reids) (Active movement) 02:02

Blow-Torch (John Reids) (Semi-dramatic ominous) 02:25

In Stock (John Reids) (Light, relaxed) 02:28

Morning Shift (John Reids) (Bright, mid-tempo, beaty) 02:03

Market Research (John Reids) (Semi-dramatic, punchy rhythms) 02:10

Foreman Fred (John Reids) (Comic, walking rhythm) 02:22

Side Two

Expansion (John Reids) (Important, full sound) 02:24

New Line (John Reids) (Active, mid-tempo) 02:07

Torque-In (John Reids) (Boisterous, rhythmic) 01:47

Lunchbreak (John Reids) (Lazy, relaxed) 02:33

Construction Lines (John Reids) (Intricate, mid-tempo) 02:28

Stockpiling (John Reids) (Easy-going, incidental) 02:21

New Patent (John Reids) (Rhythmic, light-urgency) 02:28

Impetus (John Reids) (Steady movement) 02:10

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Jun 172012

Dramatic themes and backgrounds played by modern orchestra and group.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3262

Recording First Published: 1971

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Black Pearl cover art

Side One

Next Stop L.A. (Alan Hawkshaw) (Pacy, fresh – Outdoors) 03:04

Miraculous Dream (Alan Hawkshaw) (Big romantic orchestral guitar and piano featured) 03:01

Collect (Alan Hawkshaw) (Powerful, active theme) 02:25

Tryst (Alan Hawkshaw) (Romantic piano and orchestra) 03:15

Sunny Monday (Alan Hawkshaw) (Cheerful, easy-going) 02:18

Oh! Militia (Alan Hawkshaw) (Exuberant, martial) 02:02

The Vamp (Alan Hawkshaw) (Seedy ‘honky-tonk’ piano) 02:04

Night Of The Garter (Alan Hawkshaw) (As above – slow tempo) 02:14

Side Two

Choctaw (Alan Parker) (Driving, furtive, dramatic) 02:22

Melody And Lace (Alan Parker) (Delicate, warm, melodic) 03:39

Black Pearl (Alan Parker) (Mysterious, exotic, up-tempo) 02:31

Blue Shadow (Alan Parker) (Mysterious, exotic, slow tempo) 03:15

Monochrome (Alan Parker) (Lonely, plaintive) 04:20

No Return (Alan Parker) (Relaxed, pensive) 02:57

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Jun 172012

Small orchestral moods with a modern classical flavour for general use.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3261

Recording First Published: 1973

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Syndrome cover art

Side One

Syndrome (Reg Tilsley / Peter Reno) (Optimistic, brisk movement) 02:45

Royal Round (Reg Tilsley / Peter Reno) (Dignified, expansive) 02:24

Interplay (Reg Tilsley / Peter Reno) (Steady, purposeful) 02:29

Fugalistic (Reg Tilsley / Peter Reno) (Bright, rhythmic) 03:02

Fugal Fanfare (Reg Tilsley / Peter Reno) (Vigorous, achievement etc.) 03:11

Side Two

Forest Of Life (Reg Tilsley / Peter Reno) (Light, active) 02:00

Definity – Theme And Variation 1 (Reg Tilsley / Peter Reno) (Rhythmic theme and variation) 01:35

Variation 2 (Reg Tilsley / Peter Reno) (Light, skittish) 01:24

Variation 3 (Reg Tilsley / Peter Reno) (Broad, dignified) 01:24

Variation 4 (Reg Tilsley / Peter Reno) (Urgent, restless) 01:44

People’s Pageant (Reg Tilsley / Peter Reno) (Joyful, exuberant) 02:19

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Jun 172012

A wide selection of pieces for vibes, glockenspiel and xylophone, including links and call signs.

Label: De Wolfe

Cat. Number: DW/LP 3260

Recording First Published: 1973

Format: LP

Sound: Mono

Music For Tuned Percussion cover art

Side One

Mouvement – Marimba (Pierre Arvay) (Fast, constant movement) 01:46

Reflet D’Etoiles – Ensemble (Pierre Arvay) (Vaporous, abstract) 03:28

Sombre Journee – Vibraphone (Pierre Arvay) (Slow, uncertain – Simple melody) 01:38

Danse Des Goules – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Bright, rhythmic) 02:43

Souvenance – Marimba (Pierre Arvay) (Slow, reserved) 02:40

Promenade Champetre – Glockenspiel (Pierre Arvay) (Perky, simple) 01:43

Side Two

Genets En Fleur – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Active 12/8) 01:46

La Mare Aux Biches – Vibraphone (Pierre Arvay) (Warm, repetitive pattern) 03:41

Pressentiment – Glockenspiel (Pierre Arvay) (Slow, reserved) 02:48

Danse Des Romanis – Marimba (Pierre Arvay) (Vigorous dance rhythms) 02:27

Trois-Campanules – Glockenspiel (Pierre Arvay) (Simple bell-like motifs) 02:39

Gadjet 1 – Glockenspiel (Pierre Arvay) (Two glissandi) 00:10

Gadjet 2 – Ensemble (Pierre Arvay) (Abstract, shrill) 00:12

Gadjet 3 – Glockenspiel (Pierre Arvay) (Melodic link) 00:05

Gadjet 4 – Glockenspiel (Pierre Arvay) (As above) 00:07

Gadjet 5 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Two glissandi) 00:07

Gadjet 6 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Continuous glissandi) 00:05

Gadjet 7 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (As above) 00:05

Gadjet 8 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Call-sign) 00:04

Gadjet 9 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Call-sign) 00:05

Gadjet 10 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Similar to above) 00:04

Gadjet 11 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Similar to above) 00:06

Gadjet 12 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Melodic link) 00:04

Gadjet 13 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (As above) 00:05

Gadjet 14 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Melodic link) 00:04

Gadjet 15 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Melodic link) 00:05

Gadjet 16 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Melodic link) 00:03

Gadjet 17 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Melodic link) 00:04

Gadjet 18 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Two Arpeggio Motifs) 00:07

Gadjet 19 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Ascending link) 00:05

Gadjet 20 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Descending link) 00:05

Gadjet 21 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (Busy link) 00:04

Gadjet 22 – Xylophone (Pierre Arvay) (As above) 00:07

Gadjet 23 – Vibraphone (Pierre Arvay) (Low sustains) 00:19

Gadjet 24 – Vibraphone (Pierre Arvay) (Similar to above) 00:39

Gadjet 25 – Ensemble (Pierre Arvay) (Bizarre link) 00:15

Side Three

Clairiere – 2 Vibraphone (Pierre Arvay) (Bright, melodic, light) 02:07

Tumulus – 1 Vibraphone (Pierre Arvay) (Ethereal, still) 03:15

Chemin Faisant – 1 Vibraphone (Pierre Arvay) (Simple, perky) 02:47

Charmilles – 2 Vibraphones (Pierre Arvay) (Flowing, delicate) 02:19

Element 1 (Pierre Arvay) (Single chord) 00:06

Element 2 (Pierre Arvay) (Slow arpeggio) 00:09

Element 3 (Pierre Arvay) (As above, faster) 00:08

Element 4 (Pierre Arvay) (Slow arpeggio) 00:10

Element 5 (Pierre Arvay) (As above, faster) 00:09

Element 6 (Pierre Arvay) (Dissonant chords) 00:10

Element 7 (Pierre Arvay) (As above) 00:10

Element 8 (Pierre Arvay) (Bright link) 00:04

Element 9 (Pierre Arvay) (Slower version of above) 00:11

Element 10 (Pierre Arvay) (Single repeated notes, dry) 00:12

Element 11 (Pierre Arvay) (Single repeated notes, Motor on) 00:15

Element 12 (Pierre Arvay) (“Morse” rhythm, single note) 00:09

Element 13 (Pierre Arvay) (As number 10, motor on, slower) 00:19

Element 14 (Pierre Arvay) (3-note groups, one pitch) 00:16

Element 15 (Pierre Arvay) (Slow contrary-motion scales) 00:25

Element 16 (Pierre Arvay) (Fast chromatic scales, ascending and descending, with break) 00:07

Element 17 (Pierre Arvay) (As above, continuous: 3 times, blur ending) 00:17

Element 18 (Pierre Arvay) (Ethereal glissandi) 00:19

Element 19 (Pierre Arvay) (Glissandi strings) 00:07

Element 20 (Pierre Arvay) (Link, dry) 00:04

Element 21 (Pierre Arvay) (Link, motor on) 00:06

Side Four

Bucolique – 1 Vibraphone (Pierre Arvay) (Childlike, bright) 02:15

Comme Une Douce Pluie De Printemps – 2 Vibraphones (Pierre Arvay) (Flowing gentle ostinato) 02:30

Chronos – 1 Vibraphone (Pierre Arvay) (Rhythmic, bizarre) 02:34

Stele – 2 Vibraphones (Pierre Arvay) (Slow weird chords) 03:13

Brumes – 1 Vibraphone (Pierre Arvay) (Slow, simple melody) 02:46

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